Whether you are just starting out or have decades of experience, little things can make a big impact on your career.

Capturing a big sale, completing an important project, or becoming certified in a new skill are certainly ways to impress, but these simpler career advancement techniques are a great way to garner favor and put yourself in position for big wins down the road.

A long stairway symbolizes upward mobility.
A long stairway symbolizes upward mobility.
Photo by Max Ostrozhinskiy on Unsplash

These career-boosting techniques aren’t designed to help you skip rungs on the ladder entirely, but they will help you be prepared and get noticed when the opportunity presents itself.

Get smarter every day. In many workplaces, you’ll have short blocks of time throughout the day. Waiting for the next meeting or taking your lunch break are…

The iPod has been retired but Podcasting is stronger now than ever.

Retro microphone signifying the resurgence of podcasting
Retro microphone signifying the resurgence of podcasting
Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash

I still remember the first time I held an iPod. It was late 2003. Originally designed as a music player, it could also be used as a voice recorder by plugging a microphone into the headphone jack. Apple aficionados and early adopters started recording to their iPods from coffee shops, parks, and bookstores. They felt exceptionally cool.

These iPod recordings would be shared online, and the best ones could get an audience of nearly 1000 listeners. Without distribution, you had to be one of the cool kids just to listen. The term Podcasting was born.

Well, iPods no longer exist…

Reading is a fundamental learning tool, but reading to learn is a specific skill that goes beyond understanding and comprehension. What if you MUST learn the material? Here’s how to do it.

Photo by Alex Samuels on Unsplash

Obviously, if you’re reading this you already know how to read. However, you may not know how to commit information to long-term memory in a meaningful way. Comprehension is just the first step.

Here are seven methods critical to learning from written material.

Two components are critical, your environment and your body position. Never read in bed. Sit upright at a desk or table in a well-lit room. Find your reading space. Having a place specifically dedicated to study will help your brain recognize that it’s time to learn whenever you enter that space. Creating an optimal learning environment and positioning your body for active learning is remarkably important.


Try these 10 healthy (and free) solutions for popping the valve on the pressure cooker of your life.

Image by aalmeidah from Pixabay

There are lots of ways to relieve stress, but many of them lead to more stress in the long run. Procrastination, money troubles, or health issues all lead to stress, but many of our go-to stress relievers can actually contribute to these problems.

Try these 10 healthy (and free) solutions for popping the valve on the pressure cooker of your life.

Talk therapy can be valuable, but also can be expensive. Open up to a friend and tell them what you’re going through. In today’s social media savvy world, many of us feel like we need to put a mask…

Seven tips and techniques for developing successful roommate relationships.

Joey and Chandler were great roommates, even though they were completely different. (Screenshot courtesy of the NBC sitcom Friends.)

Living with a roommate can be one of the best or worst experiences of your life. College roommates or sharing expenses with a friend or colleague can be the catalyst to a lifelong friendship. Conversely, failing to get along with the roommate can be a miserable experience.

Communicate several times in person or online ahead of moving in together. Try to learn about them as a person before establishing the norms of the relationship. Try to spend some social time together early in the relationship.

Don’t use their social media profiles as a “get to know you” tool. Chances are…

An elderly couple exchange romantic text messages

An elderly couple had just learned how to send text messages on their mobile phones. The wife was a romantic type and her husband was more of a no-nonsense guy.

Writing about my disability was out of the question, until I tried it

A 1909 Royal antique typewriter with a blank sheet of paper sits on a wooden desk.
A 1909 Royal antique typewriter with a blank sheet of paper sits on a wooden desk.
My 1909 Royal Typewriter, for a writer who can’t even use a keyboard. ~ Photo: Jason Tweed ©2019

As I began writing fiction I struggled. Of course, I’d heard “write what you know” half a thousand times, but I wanted to write fiction to avoid being in my own head. I wanted an escape. I wanted a vacation from my life, not to delve deeper into my personal struggle.

To understand this, you will need to know a little bit about me. I’m a 49-year-old father of teenagers. I live in a comfortable house with a comfortable wife and financially, were comfortable. I’ve never been rich. I’ve never been poor.

I own a little company that makes little…

If you have a strong knowledge of grammar, you can choose when to ignore the rules.

A large hardbound dictionary opened and displayed
A large hardbound dictionary opened and displayed
Photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash

I’ve known several writers in my life with a disdain for proper grammar. Some of them have great ideas, vivid imaginations, and a terrific vocabulary but toss the grammar book in the trash bin.

More often than not their work ends up forgotten. It can be difficult to read. It can lead the reader to misinterpretation. Lastly, sometimes it simply makes the writer appear immature or uneducated.

Conversely, some writers comb through all 1120 pages of Garner and create immaculate manuscripts. …

My twins just bought their first car. Dad is trying to keep them safe.

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

My kids just bought their first car. They are 17-year-old twins, and they worked all last summer to save up for insurance and a decent used car.

I’m immensely proud… And mildly terrified.

I’m not a helicopter parent, but obviously, every parent wants their child to be safe. However, I also want them to have independence and confidence, so wrapping them to their beds with duct tape until adulthood, while tempting, was not an option.

At the very least I wanted them to be prepared to save their own lives in the event of a vehicular emergency.

I wrote them…

masthead graphic courtesy of blog.twitter.com

The new twitter is now in public beta. I played with it for the first time today, and I love it. Let’s take a quick look at twitter from a personal and marketing perspective.

For this demo, I’m using the Chrome browser with a few extensions, and all the screenshots are taken while being logged in to my personal account. I’ve blurred a couple of things for the privacy of others.

First, twitter has a new dark mode. I really like dark mode, because sitting in front of my PC for roughly 12 hours per day takes a toll. Many…

Jason Tweed

Senior Partner at Mediastead, LLC. — Marketing strategist, father of twins, wheelchair user, business writer, blogger and all-around geek.

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