The 1950s Called. It Wants Its Atomic War Plans Back
War Is Boring

  1. Consider using tactical nuclear weapons against small nuclear powers like North Korea and Iran in a few years (probably months). 2. Develop Enhanced Radiation Weapons (ERW AKA the infamous “neutron bomb”). Lower yields, less damage, but very lethal. 3. Consider using nuclear weapons against a conventionally armed enemy. Rather than face defeat from a conventionally armed enemy (like the early days of the Korean War before Chinese intervention), make it known nuclear weapons are on the table for potential use. 4. Consider a strategy of “counter value” use of nuclear weapons against a nation or failed state that doesn’t have nuclear weapons but has mounted an attack on the US homeland (or its treaty allies) that has resulted in massive civilian casualties. Think 9/11 incident or a “campaign” of 9/11s. Sort of an “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” type of strategy and make it known that this is a proposed nuclear war plan. Down side is it may actually have to be done. The US would need to make it known that it has the political will to conduct such a nuclear war plan. The US would also have to make it known that any nuclear power coming to the aid of a non nuclear nation facing this type of attack (most likely Russia or China), had better be willing to risk immediate strategic nuclear attack. Ultimately, maybe its time to make nuclear weapons relevant in the world. Sounds crazy but maybe it could enhance their role in deterring conflict.