Most of us have felt misunderstood by others at some point in our lives. How we act externally may not always exactly match our internal thoughts and motivations. Even when we make every effort to live authentically, others may misunderstand or misread us. Having some awareness of how we might be coming across to the people around us can help us better connect with them and clear up misunderstandings before they happen. Though we each have our own unique personality quirks and traits, your Enneagram type can hold some hints as to how others might perceive you.

Ones: The Perfectionist

I’m not musical (that’s a freaking understatement), but I can appreciate music. My sister Julie is incredibly gifted…yours truly, not so much. No matter (so I tell myself). Hillsong, Anchor, my recent jam. It spears my heart.

“Your Name is higher, your Name is greater, ALL my hope is in you.” A variation of that will be my next tattoo, that’s how strong it resonates in my soul. Why?

What if “all my hope is in you” were the practical theology with which I lived my life? Emphasis on the ALL. Sure, I can sing that Christ is the “anchor…

I recently sold my house. Despite reading my fair share of Architectural Digest, I really don’t know much about real estate. I’ve run and sold small businesses, but this was my first real estate transaction. Basically, I didn’t know what I didn’t know…or should know. I guess that’s the point; I just didn’t know. The value of hiring a real estate professional wasn’t to sell the house, it was to be the expert.

I’m an experienced businessman; I negotiate, sell, and close transactions every day. I suppose I could “sell” a house, but ask me if a particular red flag…

By now, we all know there’s an opioid epidemic in this country. Tragic stories like this or this are becoming the norm instead of the rarity. Drug overdoses are now the leading cause of death in America for people under 50. In 2016 over 64,000 people died from overdose. A couple years ago I found myself in this growing epidemic, and as I’ve tried to be open about other challenges, I’d like to share this part of my story.

Not a lot of folks know about this part of the story, mostly because this topic (for anyone who’s experienced it) is extremely personal and, perhaps more importantly, there is still a stigma attached to anything surrounding the word “opioid” or “drug.” Even for folks who have legitimate medical conditions under the care of licensed physicians, these are things you just don’t talk about because unfortunately in a lot of minds the line between “patient” and “addict” is very blurry.

The Timeline

About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and in 2012 I blew two discs in my lumbar…

There is no perfect way to build a digital product business. There, that bridge is built. Now I can say this: (one of) the best ways to build a tech product is to build the audience first.

Yeah, it’s a pretty self-explanatory statement, why wouldn’t you want an a healthy audience when you launch your product? But what some would say is a luxury, I say is a necessity.

Here’s why it’s important:

As you know, Method & Craft is a progress app where you can learn over the shoulder of your favorite designer. As we build the new Method & Craft, we want to share our progress with you. We’re going to do that in two ways:

I’m joining Zaengle. I’ve been working with Phil and the team most of this year, and after a couple months in the making I’m very excited to announce that I’ll be coming onboard as CEO & Creative Director.

Zaengle has successfully grown into a well-respected development firm over the past half-decade, and is perfectly poised to reach the next level. I’ll be continuing my product efforts with Belay, Method & Craft, and Restoried Diamonds, and we also have several product ideas on the Zaengle front as well.

I’m thrilled to jump back into the client services game, and I can’t…

Yep, I’m starting a vlog. That’s a video blog for those unfamiliar. A few months back I wrote about my new initiatives in 2017, and I like the idea of video as another medium for documentation. I’m not all that great on video, and perhaps more importantly, I don’t think I’m that interesting, but hopefully through documenting various things involved in building a business I can add some value.

As I mention in my first vlog, I might as well lay the gauntlet down. I’m going to try to produce a video blog 5 days a week (Monday — Friday)…

Patience. Phlegm.

That word?

Patience. Gollum.

I know, right? I’m not a fan of patience either. I’m like a walking Burger King commercial, I want it “my way” right now. Isn’t there a song about that too?

Aristotle said, “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”

I’ve actually reaped the fruit of patience before, but I have such a short-term memory that it still just tastes bitter. I want things to be easy and short, rinse and repeat.

I’m a fast walker—no, not a race walker. I was at Disney recently with the family, and usually I make it…

If the resurrection of Jesus didn’t happen, I have no hope. Holy Week culminates in a three-day period from Friday to Sunday. It points to something, something of ultimate purpose.

Hope rises in Jerusalem. Palm branches, joyful shouts, an intimate Passover meal.

Hope fades in Gethsemane. A betrayal, a fight, an arrest.

Hope yields before the Council. Accusations, injustice, silence.

Hope wilts before the Governor. A mob, a criminal released, hands washed.

Hope dies on the Cross. A scourging, pierced feet, a final breath.

If hope ends there, I’m a fool. My faith is silly, useless, vain, hollow (1 Cor 15:14). I have no reason to believe in Jesus. He’s just a good man who succumbs to evil, malice, and injustice, like so many in history. …

Jason VanLue

Building @zaengle • designer • tech entrepreneur • family man

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