Jason Vijil: Why Lead Generation Exists

Jason Vijil is a talented business development manager from Chicago who loves learning about successful business people. Arnold Taubman was one of the most successful retail space developers in the United States. His company built a lot of malls all over the country, including the Mall at Short Hills in New Jersey and other retail environments that continue to rank as the most profitable in the United States. In his autobiography, Taubman talks a lot about the concept of threshold resistance, which he described as a force that separates sellers from buyers. In his book, Taubman mostly talked about threshold resistance as it applies to retail spaces, but the concept applies to all marketing and selling in general. Threshold resistance is the reason why lead generation marketing was created in the first place. If you imagine the force as a continuum, all offers that you make to your prospects and clients fall somewhere between low resistance and high resistance. If you are making an offer to buy to a prospect that doesn’t know you, that’s a high resistance offer. The goal of lead generation advertising is to decrease this resistance by offering something of value for free or for very little money. However, even free offers can have high resistance factors. For example, free exam, free seminar, free estimate, and so on. When people see these offers, they know that at the seminar and at the exam they will have to deal with salespeople that will try to sell them something. Many people who will eventually buy from you are not in the position to make a big step forward. The lowest threshold offer is the offer for free information or a free gift to be sent to the prospect, which is something Jason Vijil always considers when building a sales process.

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