British Muslims against terrorism

While meandering near the Houses of Parliament today I stumbled on a march that I found very moving. It was a large group of British Muslims marching for peace and against terrorism. I’m not sure who organized it, but it seemed very well attended. The marchers took up the whole block of Parliament Street near Westminster. Though I’m still not in the best frame of mind, it inspired me, seeing everyone marching together for their cause. The event was peaceful, well organized and well attended. Sadly, I don’t think this could have happened as smoothly in America. I’m not even sure if marches like this happen at all there. But they should. People are afraid of what they don’t understand and, especially, what they don’t see. Visibility is half the struggle. Rather than write a long post I’m just going to put up some pictures.

My favorite photo I took.

On a side note, I must admit that I have gotten so lucky with the weather since I’ve been here. It has only drizzled two days in two weeks; the rest have been sunny or mostly sunny. It was drizzling today and I’m the weather improved during this march.