I found my home away from home away from home.

I’ve been searching for a week for a good writing spot. I’ve had some success outdoors since the weather has been so nice, but it’s gotten cold lately and I wanted a good old fashioned coffee shop with unpretentious people and no tourists. I took a walk down Bermondsey Street near London Bridge. I somehow knew I was in the right place when I saw this street sign:

I walked further down the street, past some hipster pubs and chic clothing shops. Then I stumbled on this coffee shop:

Man, people here are really nailing this whole naming thing: (NSFW)

My favorite part is the Girls Girls Girls sign. For a while, I didn’t realize it was a gag.

Apparently the owners had to fight the borough council to keep the name. I’m glad they did. The words exist. We shouldn’t pretend like they don’t. I went in, got a green tea and a scone, and sunk into an armchair. The staff were friendly and the patrons respectful. Most people were typing or reading books; there weren’t any loud conversations. The music was good, the decor good, and their frequent buyer cards are amazing (the third pic is NSFW):

Amazing, right?

I’ll be taking some trips with spotty access to wifi, and I’d like to focus on my fiction writing, so I’ll be off the blog for a little bit. In the meantime, here is a cat statue.