A Musician That Writes

I’m learning my routes as I go.

Jason Vincion
Sep 13 · 3 min read
A 17-year-old me, riffing away (photo by author’s mother)
A 17-year-old me, riffing away (photo by author’s mother)
A 17-year-old me, riffing away (photo by author’s mother)

“We are what we repeatedly do; therefore, excellence is not an act but a habit.”

— Aristotle

I’ve recently spent time pondering the statement, “you’re either a writer or a person that writes.” As someone that has a hard time posting something more than every couple of weeks, I likely fall into the latter camp.

My writing leans towards self-awareness posts, and ultimately, I’m posting for myself. It’s my internal voice telling my brain to get with the program.

The writing helps me focus on my main interest, which is music, as it has been for over half of my life. Writing words always comes and goes — writing music is a constant, whether it be more musical or abstract, like the past few years of my drone/ambient works.

Musical Plans

The next album in the queue is titled “Finding Resolution.” The concept behind it is taking bits and pieces of finished and unfinished works from the past 26 years since first picking up an electric guitar, and massaging them to wrap up my past in a sonic statement.

As I’m going through old sonic material, my actions support that idea by looking for samples to use from years past, archiving the rest, and putting them away for good.

The goal is to figure out how to build a proper sonic statement out of my past 40 years of life, then move forward. I’m not sure where I’m going to fit a clip of myself poorly singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” as a four-year-old, but I’ll figure out if it belongs or not.

“Finding Resolution” was a three-album trilogy, but the more I worked with it, the more it coalesced into one album. It’s still in the refinement process, so who knows how much more it will change.

As if that wasn’t enough to do, four other album ideas with different themes and arcs popped up in the wake of making progress on “Finding Resolution.” Creativity begets more creativity.

Writing to Facilitate Letting Go

I’m doing the same thing with writing by sifting through thousands of collected notes and ideas I’ve had to piece together plans and create future behaviors to follow. My credo or ethos (or a better word than manifesto) is merging, and I try to coax it out with publicly-shared journals (a.k.a. blogs), but I’m not sure that helps. My collection of aphorisms will help myself and others more once I can sort them properly.

It isn’t easy to let go of things when so many that have run their course are still in my sphere of experience. That’s why I’m starting with my archives and putting things together with an album.

A Few Statements

There are a few statements I’m ready to share that relate to this article, so here goes:

  • To let go of what no longer serves us brings us peace of mind. I have so much to let go of that doesn’t help me. There are so many old recordings, old websites, and old pieces of fiction that make me cringe at even reading them. I know there’s more, but that’s an excellent place to start. Cleaning up my creative output and doing my best to wrap it into a bow, archive it, and leave it behind.
  • To be continuously reminded of who we were can be helpful in not repeating past behavior. That said, instead of negative reinforcement towards not being as we were, being disciplined and creating our future selves in the way we want to be is a better way to go.
  • To realize that your art will reveal the truth about where you are. Our minds create elaborate webs of ideas of who and how we are when picking up an artistic instrument. Honestly expressing what needs to come out will tell us a lot more about where we are than any elaborate mental dialog.

More Cohesion to Come

I hope more sifting through archives will reveal more information about who I was and where I need to go. More writing will be in my future, but it’s hard to say what form it will take. Only time will tell!

— —

Jason Vincion is a writer at Medium, a musician at Bandcamp, YouTube, and various streaming locations, a brewer by trade, and a guy that could use a nap.

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