To Quit Dabbling and Start Taking Action

Jason Vincion
Mar 23 · 2 min read
Port Townsend Bay, taken from Port Townsend, WA (photo by me)
Port Townsend Bay, taken from Port Townsend, WA (photo by me)
Port Townsend Bay, taken from Port Townsend, WA (photo by me)

With a nearly infinite number of things to pursue in life, it can be challenging to choose a direction. Many different ideas and concepts can spark your interest, and even spending a little bit of time to pursue them all can add up.

That scenario has been a problem I’ve faced for most of my life. It’s akin to being distracted by shiny objects and following them for a while until they lose their luster, then looking for something new to follow.

Being a dabbler for most of my life has led me in many different career directions, from making pizza to working for the government, to most recently brewing beer. However, with the quarantine upon us, I find myself without any direction, save for the one I choose for myself.

Choosing a Direction

Before this descended upon my region (Seattle), I already realized my current path was coming to an end, and I needed to decide on how to move forward. Pursuing writing was the decision I came to — writing words and writing music. I’ve written many things in both realms over the years, so it made sense to focus my efforts.

It came down to the decision to quit dabbling and start taking action on a plan. While I haven’t been able to edit many of my daily 1500-word journals into articles yet, the journaling has helped me uncover issues I’ve had with my emotions and mindset that have troubled me for years.

It’s scary for me to choose this direction because I don’t have a safety net of a steady paycheck to fall back on anymore. The quarantine forced my hand with that anyway, so it’s now or never, and I’m choosing now.

When it comes down to it, we all have one life to live, and if we don’t put our all into what we’re passionate about doing, is it a life well lived?

New Horizons

We are entering a new age where focusing on your abilities and spending lots of time developing them seems a necessity, so it’s time to quit dabbling and start taking action. To those that have figured this out already, I salute you. To those that are joining me in this decision, let’s see where it takes us!

Jason Vincion

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I’m a brewer by trade, a musician, writer, photographer, and armchair philosopher by passion.

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