Running the Tilikum Crossing

Training. I try to keep my mind on this as much as I can and it’s not that easy. The balance between work and life seems to get harder as I get older. However, I will not let that stop me. I used to think “hey, I can enjoy the holiday season and worry about it later.”

Not anymore, I’ve added running into my training regime.

2015 was a good year for me for running events. I participated in the Shamrock Run 5k event, and then trained up surprising myself by completing the Timothy Lake half marathon, which is really 14 miles. These events were really precursors to my main objective: The Hood To Coast relay. After the Hood To Coast, it left me feeling empty. Training was over, and I found myself getting lazy.

Now I’ve added running over the Tilikum Crossing to my weekly running program. The bridge was just completed this year and is a fantastic bridge to run during my lunch break. The cold weather thins out the usual walkers and joggers, so I get a chance to enjoy the solitude.

The bridge is quiet and solemn as I tromp over it with nothing but the noise of my running shoes as they slap the concrete. I know I’ll be participating next year in some running events, but I haven’t decided which ones yet.

Originally published at on November 29, 2015.

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