Why I Joined GitHub

On paper, GitHub is one of the best places in all of software to work. World renowned brand, huge audience, wide reach, premier VCs, world-class talent, excellent office, amazing perks, and socially conscious. Since joining GitHub four months ago as SVP Technology/CTO, I can now attest the reality is as good, if not better, than it is on paper. And what’s even more exciting is GitHub’s future.

To the world, GitHub is one the most successful startups ever built. It has already impacted the software development space more than nearly any company, let alone startup, in history. And GitHub has the potential to do significantly more — to bring perhaps the first and only open ecosystem, open platform, and open software development network to the world — completely transforming software development.

I joined GitHub because no other company can combine the depth and breadth of SaaS offerings bridged with on-prem solutions while helping companies evolve and transform themselves. What’s more, GitHub is one of a select few companies that can advance the entire software discipline.

I joined GitHub because I am excited to build the future of software development, to deliver on the promise of cloud computing, to make it possible for developers all around the world to work in the world’s largest open ecosystem on the world’s largest open platform, and to create an environment where open source and open source developers can thrive, not just exist. I joined GitHub because while tools and software development trends come and go, GitHub is an enduring platform and is the platform for all contemporary software development. I joined GitHub because GitHub takes that responsibility seriously and will be a thoughtful steward of this charter.

GitHub is the ultimate aberration in the modern world of incorporated entities: a company with a soul, a plan, a future, resolve, and perhaps most importantly, the market position to fairly compete and challenge the modern software juggernauts to themselves become better stewards of software development and developers everywhere.

I joined GitHub because that matters. I joined GitHub because we are going to make software development history.

Looking forward to speaking more about this at GitHub Universe next week…

GitHub Universe 2017