9 Reasons Only Children Are Better Than Siblinged…

Hello you big family connoisseur… if you’re lucky enough to be in the presence of an only child, there are a few things that you should know about before walking into the conversation. There’s nothing to be afraid of, just ease on in.

  1. First thing’s first, only children have been told our entire live’s that we’re the best. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we believe it. Growing up, we didn’t compete around the house, we just won. We were our parents special little angel and we still are.
  2. If we have something, be it a toothpick, a Lamborghini, or a significant other, it’s ours, and we don’t want you to touch it. Yes, we’ve gotten better at sharing over the years, but at the end of the day, we’re screaming, “MINE!” in our heads 75% of the time.
  3. When we were little, we didn’t have siblings to take up all of our spare time. This is one of the bigger reasons why we had imaginary friends. It also means we’re probably more creative than you. Isn’t that right Sparkle-Mc-Sandypants?!
  4. We’re more independent. Growing up, we didn’t have brothers and sisters to help us along the way, we figured it out on our own. I’m even writing this article on my own…
  5. Boredom? It’s not a real thing, right? This has got to be a sibling thing, cause only children can spend hours on end alone and be perfectly content. There’s a saying, “only the boring get bored…” did they mean, only siblings get bored?
  6. Only child means that we talk to adults more, progress faster, and develop reasoning skills earlier. That’s right, we adult harder and faster than those with siblings.
  7. We get what we want — or else. With no extra mouths to feed or presents to buy for the other kids, we usually got what we wanted. If it was a new video game system or a some other single serving toy, we probably got it, eventually.
  8. We’re nicer than you. I know, you’re reading this and thinking, “only children seem like spoiled little brats,” but it’s just not the case. We didn’t have a house full of kids all the time and feel the need to be included, so yeah, we’re nicer than our multi-kidded counterparts.
  9. I’m the favorite. If you’ve got brothers or sisters, one of you is the favorite, maybe it’s you, it’s probably you, but I know for sure I’m the favorite. While, this goes for parents specifically, we tend to believe the rest of the world agrees with them.
  10. We all wish we had at least one sibling… even with all this greatness, we still wish we had a brother or sister. We’re jealous as all get out that you got a best friend through birth…

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