Dane-ish Social Media Guy Advertises Cold Feat on the Las Vegas Sphere

Jason Donnelly
2 min readOct 5, 2023
A very real and not fake advertisement for Cold Feat on the Las Vegas Sphere


Dane-ish Social Media Guy, Jason Donnelly, is now advertising his ice bathing brand Cold Feat on the Las Vegas Sphere Entertainment Co. We sat down with him to ask a few questions.

Reporter: Thanks for sitting down with us, Jason. First question, with a $450,000 price tag to advertise on the Sphere, per day, how did you afford this with your salary?

Jason: Great to be here! If you break it down, it’s only $312 per minute, and that’s what I bought.

Reporter: One minute?

Jason: Yeah. In the middle of the night.

Reporter: And you didn’t put your name or website or anything on it, just a big cartoon foot splashing out of water?

Jason: That’s what the drones were for.

Reporter: Drones?

Jason: Yeah, I had the website up in the air, using drones.

Reporter: That’s very difficult to see.

Jason: Yeah, you’d think that so many drones would be bigger. That was a letdown, to be honest. They were also very expensive.

Reporter: Couldn’t you have just put the website on the Sphere?

Jason: I mean, I COULD have… but drones are cool, right?


Jason: People like drones.

Reporter: How much were the drones?

Jason: Extremely. Prohibitively expensive.

Reporter: Couldn’t you have just put coldfeat.com on the Sphere and then kept it advertising your brand longer? So more people could have seen it, live?


Reporter: You probably could have just hired a video editor or someone like Kubbco — Social Media Agency to create an incredible visual using your brand and fake it like L’Oréal did with the mascara?


Reporter: That’s actually a good idea for social media, right? Brands could do all kinds of fake promotions using it right now. If they’re quick… Imagine if there was a way to interact with the Sphere… or log in to a website or something to hear audio that matches whatever the Sphere is broadcas —

Jason: This interview is over.

Reporter: Thanks for joining us, Jason!