Gather round audiophilers

After my earlier review of their BLU-100 Bluetooth Earphones, the wonderful people over at Brainwavz hooked me up with their two new headphone hangers, the Truss and the Hooka for me to review. And I gotta say, I’m thankful they did.

The Truss

First up, the dual-headphone hanger.

When I took this out of the box, I immediately ripped off the 3M VHB adhesive on the bottom and attached it to my desk at work (sorry Jukely!). The first worry I had was that the “sticky” stuff wouldn’t actually be able to do the job. I was quickly relieved. If you’re going to stick this on something, make sure you want it there… forever. I grabbed it after a few minutes and the thing is solid. The heaviest of headphones will have no problem hanging comfortably on it.

Build quality? It’s a beast, in the best of ways. If you don’t read anything about it, it looks like some plastic that will most likely break… then you get it. Thing is solid aluminum and built to last through the armageddon. On the side of the box it says there’s a 24 month warranty, but honestly, they’ll be with you long past you have the ability to actually hear, headphones.

The Hooka

Now, the single headphone hanger!

I actually like this one even better than the Truss! Everything above stays the same, it’s built to last forever, solid aluminum, it’s got the 3M VHB adhesive, and it’s got the 24 month warranty, but it has a wider shelf for your cans and you can attach it right to the wall next to your listening setup.

Honestly, the only negative that I could possibly say about the build quality or the products at all, is that I’m afraid of how well it sticks to stuff. When you find a spot you want to have your setup, make sure it’s forever!

If you’re looking for a super easy and affordable headphone storage solution, these guys make an incredible product and honestly, if I didn’t already own them, I’d buy both. ❤

Thanks Brainwavz!

Jason Donnelly is a published author, music lover, and content manager at Jukely (a dope live music subscription service). Find me on Twitter and tell me a joke. ;-)