Miley Cyrus

Or… Titles seem to matter more than content…

I’m sorry to tell you, but this article doesn’t have that much to do with Miley Cyrus. Although, she’s had a lot of titles recently floating around the Internet.

Before going further, look at the picture above. What is the biggest difference between the five articles I wrote?

Seriously, scroll up and look. :-)

Answer: Two of them have a famous person in the title and have had hundreds (thousands) of hits since Monday of this week. Personally, I think the Jekyll & Hyde review is funnier than anything else (maybe not the post about Gripped, but still…very funny) and it has 35 sad lil’ views. Franco is up over 2,300 and Reznor has had over 1,000 hits THIS MORNING alone…

This post is here to prove something, and tomorrow morning I’ll post the follow-up response.

Will this post break 1,000 views in 24 hours?

My guess is yes, even though the content doesn’t have anything to do with the title… comment to the right with your thoughts.

Here’s the results!

Jason Donnelly, author of Gripped: Your Personality is What’s Holding You Back