When you’re ready to make your relationship with music official, these are the engagement ring…

I had the privilege of giving a listen to these beauties through work, and let me tell you, I’m thankful for it. I’ll go through the gamut on this and tell you about packaging, comfort, sound, and overall thoughts, but before we get there, just know, I rated it 5 stars for good reason! :-D


At this level of earphone, you expect the best, and they deliver in packaging and overall build. In the box you receive 2 stickers, 2 wristbands, a carabiner, 11 tips, a pelican case, a metal owner card, and the earphones themselves. Everything is gorgeous and compact. No space is wasted and honestly, it’s everything you’d hope to receive and more with a set of earphones at this level.


Amazing. First off, they provide 11 tips, try them all out and find the best set for your ears. I went to my normal go-to (the soft squishy set) and used them for the first few days, they were great, but… for this review, I wanted to make sure and try them all. Surprisingly, a pair of the silicone tips worked even better for me and my ears. When they offer so many options, definitely dig in and see what works best for you.


Don’t get me wrong, the cable is great, but personally, I would have liked a little thicker of a beast. This could be a personal thing, but it just feels like over time it could weaken or break. Maybe I’m just being a worrier. Then again, it is detachable and if you feel the same, change’er out.


With 10 drivers per ear, you want to know how the sound is, right? This is why we’re all hear (intended dad pun).

These are by far the most natural sounding earphone I’ve ever heard. It’s not bass heavy, it’s not pitchy, it doesn’t show love to highs or mids or lows it’s just… perfect. As far as a soundstage is concerned, these are the first in-ears that I’ve listened to that truly make me feel like the band is in the same room as I am. You can hear each instrument separated from the next. No matter how busy the music is, you can still differentiate. I was listening to one piece that had a tambourine and honestly felt like I could hear the shimmer of each individual tiny cymbal. Just an overall enjoyable experience with any style of music.


As the title suggests, these are the engagement ring of music appreciation. If you’re ready to truly make your relationship official for all of your friends and family to know. Get these earphones. Figure it out. Make it happen. They’re worth it.

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