Mark Bader with co-worker and friend JoeFlo aka Joe Williamson

Mark Bader is a wrestling aficionado. You can sense the passion. See it in his eyes. His hair long, parted in the center and straight with curled ends when he’s working, wild and energetic if he’s on the mat. His eyes and hair, they give him away.

The FloWrestling Premium Producer & Broadcaster is about to finish his seventh year working for FloSports. He has seen firsthand the transition from a ragtag operation with a big heart and dreams into a legitimate, budding sports media and events company.

Bader is Enthusiasm.

Listen to that rebel yell!

I caught up…

I can’t say I’m the most godly person nowadays, although growing up I was shaped by my Christian beliefs, and even now, although I may not credit God specifically, I still hold philosophies that bear the same base and ideals.

One of these is to go with the flow and give yourself up or take advantage of the situation around you. This closely coincides with Amor Fati, a term coined by Nietzsche which, in summary, is to love ones fate. Not to just accept ones fate, but to embrace wherever one may be and know that it is necessary. …

Hipster, ginger, journalism major. Possible law school attender, politic minded, light-heavyweight NCAA wrestler. Mike McMullan just finished his career at Northwestern University as a 4x All-American (3rd-2nd-3rd-3rd), Big Ten Champ, and with a winning percentage of .817 (103–23).

Photo Mary Henebry

Mike wrestled in the 285lb weight class, despite weighing around 235. He is entertaining, fast as a light-weight, and ready to scramble. He puts it out there, really lets it fly, and usually rocks long, shaggy hair during season, cutting it short in the spring when he does things like dawning his suit and dark rimmed glasses to write for Men’s Health…

Jason Welch

SFSU Head Wrestling Coach. Ex-Northwestern U Wrestler. Writer whenever possible.

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