She’d left only a few minutes before
Jason Wills-Starin

“Good ideas don’t come from binary choices,” the guest lecturer quipped. It was the only noteworthy thing said in his entrepreneur workshop so far.

“But instead they come from the quantum consideration of maybe this is a good thing and maybe this is too risky. Thank you for having me, good luck to you all.”

That last part wasn’t written down in Shawn’s notebook. There was a picture of the bed, and a rough drawing of a storefront with the words “Heartbreak and Wrecking Balls” on an old movie theater Marquee.

The idea was currently unworkable, but in summary, a trendy thrift store and tool swap that made workable things out of the cast-off remnants of a former relationship.

Like many ideas it was in the extras the whole thing seemed to make money, but it kept leaping back to a liquor license to get it truly off the ground.