I want SPORTS back..

I want my SPORTS back..

It’s early to mid September. College football and the NFL 2014 season just kicked off. The MLB Playoff Race is tighter than ever with a couple short weeks left. NHL Hockey and the NBA are just around the corner. This time is the height of collegiate and professional sports. Yet…when you turn on ESPN on the news you aren’t hearing anything about this.

Lately these days, the channels and papers are CONSUMED with everything else going on in sports, besides the actual SPORT. Domestic Abuse, Coverup Scandals, Racial attacks and sex scandals..the list goes on and on….

Now, I’m not trying to make light out of any of these issues they are shocking, illegal, and need to be handled with the upmost seriousness. But theres a time and definitely a place for all this.
We have the best police departments, strong men and women that put their lives on the line daily to protect and uphold the law.

The best legal system, that gives each and everyone the right to a speedy and fair trial.

Since when did the news outlets and others become judge jury and executioner?

I digress…

To me, sports are a moment of release. A time where we can escape the 9–5 work week turn on the televison(or attend) and watch our
favorite teams go out and put it all on the line. A time where race, size, talk, and what one does in their personal life does not matter and it is
only mono ‘y’ mono against their opponent.

Lets start focusing on the GOOD in sports. The college kid who came from nothing that spent his life mastering his craft and
is now in the talks for the Heisman run. Or how the Kansas City royals who went from worst to first since the 2014 All Star Break.
I think it’s about time SPORTS go back to talking about SPORTS.

And I think others would agree…


-a sports fan

Jay Wilson

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