Combat Integration: The First Year of Firsts
Secretary of Defense

As prior a prior service airborne infantrymen I am for women in the service. There are a couple of things that people fail to realize about having females serve in combat arms:

  1. It changes the psychology of a team when you add a women. Men are more prone to protect a female and can create issues with being combat effective. Soldiers will fraternize, have relationships, and much more that will have a bad impact on the team.
  2. Standards have been lowered for men in order to increase the potential females that can get into a unit/school. This should not happen. Everyone should have to meet the hard standards set. One reason I got out is because of this and the quality of soldier getting through training were getting more poor
  3. Sexual harassment will go up. We had to watch each others back when we did anything. That means taking “field” showers, taking a dump, changing, etc. I can only imagine the number of testosterone driven paratroopers in their prime trying to get a peak.
  4. Military resources. In general on average females have less strength than males. It has already been proven with these initial tests that females have higher drop out rates than males. Should the military continue to try and provide resources to a segment that has a higher fallout rate which means it costs more to get one female through than male.

As equality is being pushed we still need to take into account that this is war. Unless you have any idea of the hell it is and what it takes to deal with it than you should not be pushing for things you do not understand. These soldiers are not performing office duties or weekend backpacking trips. They are going to war and killing people.

Their is no room for a weak soldier on any team. I know people who worked at some of the schools in the Army and have said that the females did have help getting through one of the schools. That is not acceptable as there is no help when rounds are being shot at you.

Also, the Marines did a test and found that units with females were less combat effective than males.

Think of he people you know and how many of them would be female that you would take to war with you. These would be people who have the capability to carry a large amount of weight for long periods of time, who would be combat effective as soon as the shooting starts, and able to deal with conditions that you are not even able to imagine. Are any of them female?

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