We Live On The 3%

“because 97%, of what 97% of people tell you is bullshit”

Jason W. Roulston
1 min readJul 7, 2014

I’m not upset with anyone, I’m actually quite happy with things. However I’m very lucky to be getting back into the trenches with the boys at JDP, which has me at the coal face of all the awesome people we get to deal with every single day, and their psychology towards actually making things happen.

If you’ve been told something is going to happen and it still hasn’t, then there’s a 97% chance that you were fed bullshit. I’m all about patience, and I’m all about the long game, that’s very real. The gold, the love and the truth is in the 3%. When we’re working in the 3%, it’s just flow — we have to learn to spend more time in that area and around the people who believe in making things happen NOW.

The 97% — 3% rule goes for me as well. That’s why I wrote this.

If you share this blog — I will know, thank you so much for reading ☺