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The Tencent Penguin

20 Things You Should Know About Tencent

Most Americans don’t care about Tencent. It’s big and complicated and made in China for China. But it’s one of the top Internet companies in the world and ushering us into the next era of mobile. A lot of what Tencent is doing today — Facebook will be doing tomorrow. I try to tell friends and colleagues about Tencent, and why I’ve been buying the stock. They tell me to send them an article, but there aren’t any that provide a comprehensive overview. So, here ya go, friends.

  1. With a $160 billion market cap, Tencent is the third largest internet company in the world, behind only Facebook ($190 billion) and Google ($395B).

Sooooo. Tencent has become a leader by fusing messaging, social media, gaming, video, advertising, and commerce. It has a massive user base. It invests intelligently and strategically. And, similar to Facebook, it’s poised for growth because it’s dominating mobile.

Love to know your thoughts. Hit me @jasonwstein. And like I said above, I own shares of Tencent.

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founder & ceo of @247LS + @bycycle

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