The Top 5 NYC Blockchain Week 2020 Events & Conferences

Everything you need to know for New York Blockchain Week 2020

Jason Yanowitz
Feb 3 · 4 min read

New York’s Blockchain Week is an exciting time for the crypto and blockchain industry.

In 2015, the week consisted of a one day, 400 registrant event.

Now, five years later, the 6th annual NY Blockchain Week is shaping up to be the best one yet.

Whether you’re a marketer looking to a sponsor an event during NYC’s Blockchain Week or just a conference-goer looking to attend events, I’m here to help you navigate this crazy week.

Here are the Top 5 New York Blockchain Week 2020 events:

Digital Asset Summit | DAS 2020

Date: Wednesday, May 13th

Venue: Pier 60

Format: One-day, two-track conference

Registrants: 1,000+

Focus: Bridging the gap between institutional investors, traditional financial institutions, and crypto

About: Hosted during the heart of New York Blockchain Week, the Digital Asset Summit is a conference that helps bridge the gap between the legacy financial system and the nascent world of digital assets.

DAS 2020 is different from other NYC Blockchain Week events because it is designed with financial market and investment professionals in mind. Familiar concepts such as market infrastructure, trading and liquidity, and derivatives will be front and center, but they will be discussed in the context of digital assets and the emerging field of “decentralized finance”.

A few of the speakers at the Digital Asset Summit (DAS 2020)


Date: Monday, May 11th - Wednesday, May 13th

Venue: The Hilton in Midtown

Format: Three-day, several-track conference

Registrants: 5,500

Focus: Everything crypto

About: Consensus strives to be the premier ‘Big Tent’ event globally for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as it intersects with the worlds of legacy finance and commerce. Since its inception in 2015, Consensus has striven to be the annual “state of the industry” event, providing an introspective look at the previous 12 months and paving the way forward for the next 12. It’s called “Consensus” for a reason: it’s the main forum where the industry discusses the most pivotal matters of the day, highlights the biggest successes and debates the most critical conversations. CoinDesk’s goal with Consensus is to reflect the best ideas and highlight the brightest minds in a manner that showcases the geographically and technologically diverse nature of the industry.

Ethereal Summit

Date: Friday, May 8th — Saturday, May 9th

Venue: The 1896 Studios & Stages, Brooklyn, NY

Format: Two-day conference

Registrants: 1,500

Focus: Ethereum and the developer community

About: Join a stellar collaboration of technologists, artists, startups, entrepreneurs, and investors engaging directly with the latest developments in Ethereum, blockchain, and decentralization.

Ethereal is a global series of conferences focused on connecting leading developers, companies, and influencers shaping the future of blockchain and Ethereum.

Featured speakers at the Ethereal Summit 2020

Token Summit V*

*This event has not yet been confirmed. This is based on the assumption that the event will happen for the 5th year in a row.

Date: Thursday, May 16th

Venue: Midtown Manhattan*

Format: One day conference

Registrants: 300-500

Focus: Token based business models and investment in the token ecosystem

About: Token Summit V will be the 5th event in the Token Summit series, the first conference that explored in-depth the Token-Based Economy. In New York City for the 3rd time, we will continue to discuss the economics, development, regulation and best practices around blockchain-based tokens, protocols, and crypto-assets. Specifically, some of the key topics of this conference will include how to successfully grow decentralized open source protocols, extracting insights from blockchain data, decentralized governance, valuation models, and token functionality models.

If you are an entrepreneur, investor, finance professional, lawyer, fund manager, regulator, or business executive, you need to pay attention to the emerging token-based economy, one that might rival the web in terms of potential innovation, new business models and entrepreneurial ideas that are yet to be deployed. Join us at this exclusive, intellectually-driven gathering, grouping the best minds in this space. Token Summit is brought to you by William Mougayar and Nick Tomaino.

The Block Summit

Date: Tuesday, May 12th

Venue: The Caldwell Factory, New York, NY

Format: One-day conference

Registrants: 400

Focus: TBD (agenda coming soon)

About: Join The Block for their flagship event during New York Blockchain Week. The Block Summit brings together leaders and stakeholders from across the digital asset, commercial, financial, and FinTech industries to identify, explore and advance the ecosystem’s biggest developments, challenges and innovations.


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