How is the collaborative study space a good place to be at

Do you ever worried about whether your sons or daughters have difficulties finding a place to hang out and do homework with friends? In the podcast, I had describe the advantage side of the place comparing with library. For example, The Student Collaborative in Western Washington University had a special history starting from 1943. In 2010, it was being renovated by the “Green Roof” project to increase the use of daylight in the area instead of wasting on lightbulb. As a parents, you might want your kids to care about the environment more and save more energy, so in this sense, it is beneficial on either side.

The main goal for this space based on the person who built this place was to allow students to meet and study. This information were based on the student newspaper I found in library. As a freshman in university but been living in America for two years, I really found this type of place useful for your kids to enjoy the chat between friends and making new friends. Meanwhile, if you visit, you can grab a cup of coffee and give yourself a break there.

This is actually a pretty interesting place to observe for several weeks. People that went there serves different purpose due to the time they went. If I observed them around noon, a lot of them will be eating, but if I went there a bit earlier or later around 10–11am and 3–4 pm, people are usually chatting and relaxing. So the driving question in the podcast is asking how library is different from the collaborative study space. Later when you listen to my podcast, it will include interviews from several people’s opinions and ideas, and towards the middle section, there’s a brief history of the building.

How is the Student Collaborative Center a place better than library in Western Washington University? The answer is being answer in the podcast from some personal opinion based on the interviews. First, the collaborative study space is not just a space for students and faculties to go there for work, it can be a place for building new relationship with others. Most the purpose of this place is similar as library just slightly different. The collaborative study space is mainly for people to hangout and talk to each other; on the other hand, library is a place for people to study and being able to focus without any noise around.

As a parents, you don’t want your kids to be studying the whole time and not making new friends. So this place will give you the option of doing homework and dealing with friendship. Additionally, while your kids are in a collaborative study space they get the opportunity to eat and chat with friends. Furthermore, this is a space brighter than the library, as Megan had say, “it’s so bright with all the windows.” Last but not least, few of them had mention about the convenience of getting snacks from Miller Market.

Most importantly when you are an extroverted person like me, you like to be in the crowd. Luckily, the collaborative study space gave you the opportunities to show your personality out to others, as the previous paragraphs had mention, it is a space that can help you spread your friend circle.

The main part about the collaborative study space is that it allows students to go and study during break to do review or preview. If they want have discussion with their friends, then they should go so that you won’t be distracting the people that are studying in library. But there is usually a similar place in library that serve food for people there.

But when there are good, there are bad as well. If you know your kids are the type of person that need to study for exam and need a completely silent space, that wouldn’t be a place for you. Also, if you like to have more privacy, there are no chance you can find a spot that has privacy. In addition, as a parents, you know whether your kids are an introverted or extroverted person. So knowing your kids before giving them idea where to study can affect their grade in school.

By giving them idea, this is a more modern style of learning place, unlike library. If you are someone that is unfamiliar to university, then you can think of this space as Starbucks coffee shops where you might be going usually; you can get snacks and just sit there to enjoy your lovely day.

Overall, a general belief that people hold about this space is that it provides them the opportunities to grab snacks and chat with friends in such area. As the collaborative study center, it does fulfill the expectation that those students wanted. Due to the reason that it is an open space and there are no rules of being quiet or not food in there. So knowing what learning style you prefer and works best for you, and go there to do your study.