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partyWhat an idiot and a pathological liar. If ever there was a politician likely to have unaccounted for children, it is Rudy Giuliani. And of all people to pass remarks about another mans morality! Rudy turned Gracie Mansion, the pride and joy of New York into a dirty bordello. I wonder: Does New York City grant honorary citizenship if you were conceived in the official Mayors mansion while Mrs. Giuliani was sleeping unaware of his shabby treatment of her in another room? And what kind of a gutless low-life announces his demand for a divorce at an official press conference instead of eye to eye with his wife? Worse, all of this passes muster as usual with the Evangelical freak base. They run a high speed drive thru to forgive just members of the Republican Party for basically anything, in exchange for an unholy promise to wrap their version of the bible into our sacred Constitution as if it was butcher paper.

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