4 Live-Streaming Mistakes To Avoid

Go Live on Facebook. Broadcast to the largest audience in the world with the camera in your pocket

Live video streams are an excellent opportunity to share genuine moments with your audience. It compliments professional video content well. Effective uses are: behind the scenes looks, Q &A sessions, announcements, and lead ups to big events.

1. Don’t live-stream to sell

Share something of value with your viewers. This could be helpful hints, reviews, behind the scenes access they wouldn’t usually see, or industry knowledge. Sharing something entertaining or interesting will boost your views and followers. Sales will follow, don’t push it. That’s a turn-off.

You can, however, offer a gift or discount for your viewers

2. Don’t live-stream with poor connectivity

Don’t stream without reliable WiFi or Cellular Connection. This will frustrate your audience, and they’ll tune you out. Without a good broadband connection record and upload later.

3. Don’t live-stream with bad audio

Your viewers will fall off quickly if they have a hard time hearing you. Make sure to stream from a quiet location and project your voice. If you have to stream in a noisy environment, use a microphone made to work with your phone.

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Condenser Microphone for Smartphones

4. Live-stream with a purpose.

Only live-stream when you have something interesting or exciting to share, otherwise you’re just creating noise. Put some thought into what you’re sharing fits into your social media strategy. The best content seems effortless but is always well though out. Nobody half-assed their way to a million viewers.

About the author

Jason Zagami is the Managing Director for Seedling Inc. a creative agency based in Boston, Ma. that specializes in web development and video production.

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