Will Philippine Call Center Agents Choose Uber over Taxis?

Uber vs Taxi in the Philippines

Last week, a co-worker in our Philippine call center company’s marketing department asked which app was better. It was a question between using Uber or GrabTaxi. I personally recommended the latter because my wife and I have used it in a couple of situations but I was surprised that he opted to pursue the former.

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I revisited the taxi app on my smartphone and was reminded that they automatically charged PHP 70 on top of the cab’s flag-down fee and fare. Was this the reason he changed his mind? For call center employees in general, would Uber be preferred over GrabTaxi or using taxis in general?

Will the Philippines Follow the U.S. Trend?

In the U.S., a recent study by Certify shows how Uber is taking over taxis in business travel. The data shows the trend from January 2014 to March 2015. In Metro Manila, Philippines, a key location that follows trends in the western world, it is highly probable that to see a similar trend.

Certify’s study on Uber and Taxis

LTFRB and Taxi-related Crimes

This could be true despite the initial response of the Philippines’ Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) that led to ordering the apprehension of Uber vehicles, especially with LTFRB changing its mind regarding Uber, and both parties coming to agreement regarding regulation policies. Add into the picture the rise of incidents between call center agents and taxis despite taxi-related crimes catching the Philippine government’s attention.


Although there may be many other factors that could affect this trend regarding Uber and taxis, we could see a rise in the usage of ride-sharing services against taxis soon as employees in the call center industry and, people in general, prioritize personal safety among other things.

How about you? Would you prefer ride-sharing services over cabs? Share your comments.

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