IA-7: Reflection on Institutions and Icons of Patronage

This reading was all about the arts and culture during the Marcos era. It argues about how the Marcoses’ love for the arts is genuine and not just some political propaganda.

Reciprocity was tackled here as well, more commonly known to us Filipinos as <i>utang na loob</i>. It was mentioned how the Marcoses’ swayed the masses with Imelda’s ballads whose “lyrics simulated indebtedness, as well as romanticized patronage”. This created the illusion of a very personal relationship between the Filipinos and the Marcoses, leading to his successful campaign.

The Marcoses valued aesthetics a lot, how the government looked or how the First Couple performed their duties. Of course to them, their image to the public would be bery important, seeing as how they won the favor of the Filipinos by being very intimate with them. They have to show that they care for the country and it’s people, which they did.

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