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Coronavirus: Jasper acknowledges the need to comply with the directives of authorities and for societal commitment and cooperation.

Important: SMEs, companies, organizations and entrepreneurs can now apply for the bonus mining program through the site. Mining power is weighted in favour of early miners.

The Jasperchain blockchain network can be seen operating online at

The path to the first JAC listing on an exchange

During 2019, the Jasper team consolidated platform development for SMEs and Chambers of Commerce, with…

In the beginning, wanting to standardize tax collection, government created currency. Only government had the capacity. Not just military and legal authority, they had unique access to wealth and distributive technologies like foundries and printing presses.

This centralization underpinned our economy development, and there has been no practical alternative for…

2018: Find us on the blockchain

The blockchain is about to become a marketing channel

Jaspercoin, an early stage cryptocurrency allows consumers to buy real-world products on the blockchain. Here’s how it works.

Consumers can mine Jaspercoin on a Jaspberry; a pre-configured device which starts mining once connected to wifi. In other words, tech-challenged people can mine too. …

Jaspberry geeks will mine JasperCoin to buy beer

We’re a new blockchain startup about to launch a device which will let people mine their own beer.

Did you miss out on Bitcoin?

By now most people know that there is a digital currency called Bitcoin and you can mine it on a computer. However, the competition has become fierce, because Bitcoins are now worth…

How easy is mining cryptocurrency?

Have you ever tried to mine a Proof-Of-Work cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? Setup is expensive. You’ll need a rig with dedicated hardware, and to be competitive it’ll need to be fast, and therefore expensive. In a relatively short space of time your hardware will be obsolete and you’ll need to upgrade…

Democratic round-robin mining on the Jasper platform

So much has already been achieved

Blockchains have shown we can decentralize the production of a currency, the validation of transactions, fund-raising, security, data storage and many aspects of governance. Our capacity as a community to mindfully re-invent commerce brings in to the open new economic and social development that will re-shape the world.

The politics of decentralization

At the…

Jasper Foundation

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