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Coronavirus: Jasper acknowledges the need to comply with the directives of authorities and for societal commitment and cooperation.

Important: SMEs, companies, organizations and entrepreneurs can now apply for the bonus mining program through the site. Mining power is weighted in favour of early miners.

The Jasperchain blockchain network can be seen operating online at

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The path to the first JAC listing on an exchange

During 2019, the Jasper team consolidated platform development for SMEs and Chambers of Commerce, with the aim of providing a simple service that did not require technical knowledge.

After comprehensive testing, the Multichain-based Jaspberry miner can now be installed on an Intel NUC micro-computer, a low-power Gigabyte Brix, or a low-cost traditional PCs.

The Jasperpay Mobile Wallet was successfully launched on the PlayStore and the…

Tokenize and mine are the fundamental rights in the crypto-economy

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In the beginning, wanting to standardize tax collection, government created currency. Only government had the capacity. Not just military and legal authority, they had unique access to wealth and distributive technologies like foundries and printing presses.

This centralization underpinned our economy development, and there has been no practical alternative for millennia - until Satoshi Nakamoto’s brilliant 2008 white paper.

The document laid out the framework for a peer-to-peer currency that did not require government or banks. Pioneering Bitcoin developers, to their great credit, did the hard yards that implemented the solution.

In time, the increasing value of coins created with…

2018: Find us on the blockchain

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The blockchain is about to become a marketing channel

Jaspercoin, an early stage cryptocurrency allows consumers to buy real-world products on the blockchain. Here’s how it works.

Consumers can mine Jaspercoin on a Jaspberry; a pre-configured device which starts mining once connected to wifi. In other words, tech-challenged people can mine too. This means that crypto will find its way into the wallets of the masses, instead of the privileged few.

Once consumers’ wallets are full, businesses can start marketing. With Jasper, businesses mine coins too, and can give them away as loyalty or promotional tools. But even more transformational, they can let consumers directly mine their product on…

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The Jaspberry

Investors and the media had their first look at the Jaspberry prototype recently, when Jasper held its first demonstration at a public launch of their blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Jaspberry is a small Raspberry Pi-based plug & play mining rig that mines Jaspercoins. This is feasible because Jasper uses a Proof of Grant mining protocol rather than the processor-intensive algorithm used by Proof of Work systems such as Bitcoin.

The Jaspberry does not require technical knowledge. Once connected to Wi-Fi it simply starts mining. Mined coins will then show in the user’s mobile wallet (not yet developed).

Investors saw the…

Developments in the crypto space will make cryptocurrency a mainstream marketing tool very soon. The attack vector is loyalty programs.

A number of blockchain startups are targeting consumers with token-based loyalty programs that allow them to move loyalty benefits from one product to another. Tokens make loyalty points ‘liquid’; they can be transferred, cashed out or converted into cryptocurrencies. Try telling American Airlines you’d like to spend your points on white wine or paying off your mortgage.

But this is not about existing initiatives. …

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Jaspberry geeks will mine JasperCoin to buy beer

We’re a new blockchain startup about to launch a device which will let people mine their own beer.

Did you miss out on Bitcoin?

By now most people know that there is a digital currency called Bitcoin and you can mine it on a computer. However, the competition has become fierce, because Bitcoins are now worth thousands of dollars. So to mine it, you need dedicated computer hardware costing thousands of dollars and a supply of really cheap electricity.

You don’t need a geo-thermal power plant

We’ve developed a Bitcoin alternative that needs hardly any electricity. It also doesn’t need a supercomputer. And you can use it to mine coins that buy beer.

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How easy is mining cryptocurrency?

Have you ever tried to mine a Proof-Of-Work cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? Setup is expensive. You’ll need a rig with dedicated hardware, and to be competitive it’ll need to be fast, and therefore expensive. In a relatively short space of time your hardware will be obsolete and you’ll need to upgrade. And of course, you’ll need the software administration skills. No problem if you have a degree in computer science.

JasperCoins are mined with minimal processing power

The new cryptocurrency JasperCoin is mined in a very different way. You don’t need dedicated hardware; just a regular PC will do the job. You don’t need to join a pool…

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Democratic round-robin mining on the Jasper platform

So much has already been achieved

Blockchains have shown we can decentralize the production of a currency, the validation of transactions, fund-raising, security, data storage and many aspects of governance. Our capacity as a community to mindfully re-invent commerce brings in to the open new economic and social development that will re-shape the world.

The politics of decentralization

At the heart of this reinvention is an intensely political concept, decentralization; the ability to distribute then verify transactions and trust. But there are counter-forces; short-term economic efficiencies which push for centralization. In some cases these undermine the original intention or desirable possibilities that were not originally intended.

Satoshi Nakamoto would turn…

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