1994: Buy one on the Internet

2018: Find us on the blockchain

The blockchain is about to become a marketing channel

Jaspercoin, an early stage cryptocurrency allows consumers to buy real-world products on the blockchain. Here’s how it works.

Consumers can mine Jaspercoin on a Jaspberry; a pre-configured device which starts mining once connected to wifi. In other words, tech-challenged people can mine too. This means that crypto will find its way into the wallets of the masses, instead of the privileged few.

Once consumers’ wallets are full, businesses can start marketing. With Jasper, businesses mine coins too, and can give them away as loyalty or promotional tools. But even more transformational, they can let consumers directly mine their product on the blockchain. The consumer will look through the catalogue; find a product they like, and start mining it on their Jaspberry.

Beer, chocolate, perfume, clothing, services; they can all be mined. Companies will say, ‘find us on the blockchain’ and customers will visit the Jasper website or app, choose a product and set their miners spinning.

When the consumer wins the coin, they get the product. Sometimes it will be home delivered, other times it may be redeemed at store level, bringing a retailer into the transaction also.

Clearly, the first time you get something for nothing on the blockchain you’re going to tell people about it. The social media generated by this will drive uptake very quickly.

Companies will generate Jaspercoin to attract new customers and we will see a successful, broad-based implementation of a transaction coin.

Importantly, the system does not draw excess electricity, since powerful computers have no competitive advantage in the Jasper system.

Jasper is currently signing participating businesses; expressions of interest from local or international brands are welcome.


Bret Treasure

Web: jaspercoin.io
Medium: medium.com/@jasperfdn
Facebook: facebook.com/JasperCryptoCurrency
Telegram: t.me/JasperCoin
Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/jaspercoin