Media and investors react to first Plug & Mine device

The Jaspberry

Investors and the media had their first look at the Jaspberry prototype recently, when Jasper held its first demonstration at a public launch of their blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The Jaspberry is a small Raspberry Pi-based plug & play mining rig that mines Jaspercoins. This is feasible because Jasper uses a Proof of Grant mining protocol rather than the processor-intensive algorithm used by Proof of Work systems such as Bitcoin.

The Jaspberry does not require technical knowledge. Once connected to Wi-Fi it simply starts mining. Mined coins will then show in the user’s mobile wallet (not yet developed).

Investors saw the small device mine coins and watched a demonstration of the Jasper Blockchain Explorer, the ledger that tracks Jaspercoin creation and transactions.

The demonstration attracted strong media interest, with stories in, and among others.

Jaspercoin launch event

The launch generated over a hundred inquiries, mostly from investors interested in the Jasper project and particularly in the Jaspberry.

‘We had people on the night and on email saying they wanted to buy one; they didn’t even know the price’, said co-founder Gerardo Ratto.

The Jaspberry will allow people to mine real world products such as beer and chocolate. They can also do this by configuring their own computer hardware.
 ‘The mining community and the business community have not had an opportunity to cooperate until now’, added Ratto. ‘But we are making it easy for businesses to sell their products on the blockchain.

Because there will be so many people mining Jaspercoin, using their computer power to buy real world products instead of paying cash, we are confident that a number of mainstream businesses will want to be involved.

Early signs are that they are extremely keen.’

Companies can apply for a free mining license through the site. Once licensed, they can issue their own tokens and implement low-cost loyalty programs.



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