Mine your own beer

Jaspberry geeks will mine JasperCoin to buy beer

We’re a new blockchain startup about to launch a device which will let people mine their own beer.

Did you miss out on Bitcoin?

By now most people know that there is a digital currency called Bitcoin and you can mine it on a computer. However, the competition has become fierce, because Bitcoins are now worth thousands of dollars. So to mine it, you need dedicated computer hardware costing thousands of dollars and a supply of really cheap electricity.

You don’t need a geo-thermal power plant

We’ve developed a Bitcoin alternative that needs hardly any electricity. It also doesn’t need a supercomputer. And you can use it to mine coins that buy beer.

You can mine JasperCoin using your computer or a customized device called a Jaspberry. It’s plug and play, i.e. arrives pre-configured to mine. It just connects to your WiFi network and starts mining JasperCoins. When it finds one, you’ve hit paydirt. You take the rest of the day off, head to your local participating bar and swap your JasperCoin for real world beer.

The cost of Jaspberries has not been set but we’re aiming for sub-$500 USD. How long before you get that back in free beers? That depends how many people are mining JasperCoin but we’ll configure it so that early adopters get the most beer.

Who benefits?

JasperCoin gets the benefit of your processing power, the bar gets to swap the JasperCoins for real money, the beer company gets the publicity and you: you get the beer.

We are in conversation with brewers around the world and we start pouring beer in select bars in the coming months, initially in Argentina. Can you mine anything other than beer? Yes, you will be able to use the Jaspberry to mine chocolate, wine, coffee and a range of other absolute essentials.

How to join up

If you’re interested in being licensed to mine JasperCoin you can flag your interest in the INO (Initial Node Offering) by emailing contact@jasperfoundation.org

About JasperChain

We are twenty five developers working in Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico and Australia on JasperChain, a new blockchain, and JasperCoin, a cryptocurrency for the non-technical.

Jaspberry is our plug and play device which earns you crypto that actually buys things.

Fundraising for the project via an ICO commences Q2 this year and the company is now accepting pre-sale contributions from angel investors.

Web: jaspercoin.io
Medium: medium.com/@jasperfdn
Facebook: facebook.com/JasperCryptoCurrency
Telegram: t.me/JasperCoin
Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/jaspercoin