Today, we’re releasing a change to our grain slider that increases performance, reduces memory-use, and refines the overall look. The grain applied to your existing photos will feel the same, but will look closer to analog film grain and have a more consistent grain structure. This update also allows us to export videos with grain more efficiently, while improving stability and render time.

When we originally released our grain tool 2 ½ years ago, we modeled our grain tool after film sensitivity. When you drag the grain slider from left to right the grain starts off subtle and small, and…

We’ve always been very excited about the possibility of integrating Darkroom into shortcuts, but until recently, have been limited by the capabilities of the system. With iOS 14, and now macOS Monterey, we can finally deliver on one of the most exciting use-cases of Shortcuts: Integrate your entire Darkroom editing workflow into a single Shortcut Action.

For the uninitiated, a shortcut provides a quick way to get things done with your apps with just a tap or by asking Siri. The Shortcuts app from Apple lets you automate a wide variety of things by enabling you to create your own…

We’re excited to expand our editing capabilities with one of the most requested features: Clarity! After months of research, iteration, and optimization, we promise the wait was worth it.

What is Clarity?

Clarity adjusts the contrast within the details of your image, without affecting the overall tone of the image.

As you adjust Clarity, the details are either clarified or smoothened, but the whites and blacks remain unaffected, and sharp edges remain sharp.

Want fewer details in a face to smoothen it? Decrease Clarity.
Want more to enhance the drama or texture? Increase Clarity.

You already know that editing photos can be fun. Keeping your library organized however, can feel like work.

Today we’re taking a big step forward to making all this fun & super fast with a new Darkroom+ workflow to cull and review your photos: Flag what you’re interested in, Reject what you don’t want to keep. We’ll automatically advance you to the next photo so you can get in the zone and zoom through your latest import.

How Flag & Reject Fits Into Your Editing Workflow

On the iPhone, swipe right on the editing toolbar to reveal the new Review actions. …

Following up last year’s surprisingly popular 10 things you likely didn’t know about Darkroom and your many requests for more tips, we put together a second edition that focuses on workflows in Darkroom. Whether you’re new or a pro, we are sure there’ll be something that will help you do more, in less time.

1. Copy & Paste your Edits in Batch

These are our favorite tips and tricks on power features we have carefully added to Darkroom over the past 5 years. These have often gotten lost in our big releases, but these little details have a big impact on the overall workflow that makes our app so uniquely fast, easy, and intuitive to use. And even helped us win an Apple Design Award! Whether you’re new to Darkroom or a pro, we are sure there’s something in here that will surprise you.

1. Tap-and-hold on the photo to see the original

In order to make edits, it quickly becomes paramount that you can see what your starting point was…

To the Darkroom Community,

Before we begin with the details of today’s update, we’d like to address the protests against racism, police violence and calls for reform ringing out across the United States:

The Darkroom team unequivocally supports the calls for justice for the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and the calls for comprehensive police reform.

The American education system does a poor job of representing the true history of Black Americans. Those of us with privilege have a duty to educate ourselves. …

The Darkroom Histogram is finally here in all its colorful, curvy glory! We obsessed over these little curves to create a histogram that was easy to use, and that goes beyond just a graph of numbers.

Our primary innovation here are the rich, verbose clipping indicators. Instead of abstract shapes that have no meaning, we show you contextual words that guide you through the histogram-driven editing process. We spent a lot of time making sure you see the right thing, at the right time, and in the right context.

To access the photo histogram either tap the (…) action menu…

Hot on the heels of our iOS 12 & Hashtags release last month we are thrilled to bring you one of our most requested features: Film Grain. Combined with a wide set of RAW and Portrait workflow improvements.

Film Grain — Free

There are many technical reasons why you may want to introduce film grain to your photo, and we’ll get to them, but artistically, it’s about richness and nostalgia. It introduces an emotionality and a mood to your photo that the crisp, clean, de-noised digital images of today cannot capture. …

Following a long summer break in which our founder Majd Taby got hitched in the beautiful (and hot) fields of southern France, we are back with a feature-packed release.

Hashtag Sets

Darkroom for iOS 12 adds the most extensive hashtag support for mobile photographers on iOS, allowing you to export sets of hashtags to the clipboard with one tap.

Darkroom was built on the the core principle of optimizing as much of our mobile photography workflow as possible. That optimization starts with photo management, extends to editing, and ends with sharing. …

Jasper Hauser

Co-Founder/CDO: @usedarkroom. Product Designer & Strategist. Previously: Design Manager @ FB, Co-founder @ Sofa, Alumni @ Disco & Camino.

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