Manage your Growing Photo Library with Flag & Reject

How Flag & Reject Fits Into Your Editing Workflow

Being able to use the Review on iPhone single-handed was a major priority. We’ll even help you efficiently delete your rejected shots.

Step 1: Does it spark joy? 🎉 Flag it.

Step 2: Is it just taking up space on your phone? Reject it ✋🏼

Step 3: Repeat

iPhone Batch processing gets a lot of love too

The swipe-to-start-batch gesture is like magic, once you use it you won’t be able to want it any other way.

Finding your Flags and Rejects in Other Apps

Making Hyper-Fast Review Possible



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Jasper Hauser

Jasper Hauser


Co-Founder/CDO: @usedarkroom. Product Designer & Strategist. Previously: Design Manager @ FB, Co-founder @ Sofa, Alumni @ Disco & Camino.