New in Darkroom: Content-Aware Frames, Duotone Filters, and an enormous list of improvements

A new dimension of expressiveness with the Frame tool

We‘re very excited about the creative opportunities of the Frame tool with stories. Our good friend Luke Beard of Exposure has been quietly experimenting with Frames in the 9:16 ratio and we love it!

Content Aware Color Palette

It looks so simple and intuitive for a human to pick dominant colors in a photo, in reality it’s quite tricky to get a computer to do this well and quickly. If you want to learn more about some of the underlying technology Matt Nedrich wrote a great article on the subject. You can also try a web demo he made to play around with several different algorithms to create a color palette.

Frame Inset Presets — Stories & Social-Media cards

With frames we intend to help photographers extend or enhance a photo beyond its original bounds, and to gain control over the context in which it is viewed.

Duotone Filters — Premium, only $1.99

Duotone is a look that originates from the print industry. As a way to economically represent photography using 2 or more colors. You can learn more about it on Wikipedia.

App-Wide Refinements

Privacy Enhancement

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Image loading and caching



Co-Founder/CDO: @usedarkroom. Product Designer & Strategist. Previously: Design Manager @ FB, Co-founder @ Sofa, Alumni @ Disco & Camino.

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