It’s not about the moonshot but about the ride to get there

I’m now entrepreneuring for more than 15 years and I have met a lot of awesome like-minded people. People that start with a dream, and an idea. They are (extremely) good in what they do and they know how to monetize their skills. Most companies are started by freelancers c.q. contractors, but 70% of them stop with their business within the first 4 years! You aren’t a quitter, right? I hope I can inspire you to set your goals, to live towards your dreams!

Congratulations to you if…

The past few weeks at GAIKU we hired 7 new developers. We’re building a strong team and I’m happy that a lot of people believe in GAIKU and want help solve a big problem in business. How did we come to the point of hiring our own people when in the beginning we were working with an outsourced team? How did we even manage to do this in such a short time?

Trying to manage an outsourced team

When I founded GAIKU we started working with an outsourced team located in Indonesia. That didn’t work out for us so we…

Jasper Meerding

Founder of @getGAIKU and @ContactCare — Stories about entrepreurship, startuplife & geek stuff

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