Start Your Business on a Boat: Combining the people side of business & the business side of people

Last summer Tom Elffers and I started an initiative called Start Your Business on a Boat. What is this all about? It is an early stage startup accelerator that stimulates entrepreneurship to come up with solutions to 21st century challenges. We offer a program that combines the people side of business and the business side of people.

Our alumni include De Föhnbar, De Beer Events & Fairs, Mink Records, Eves, Get a Crowd, Meraki, StartHub, Money Penny Enterprizes, RandstadWonen, Twentie Four, Action for Happiness, TULO finance, Joanna’s Art Store and CrossOver. In this blog I will share an update on what has happened after Start Your Business on a Boat.

De Föhnbar

Lindsay Pimontel

“Life Is Too Short For Boring Hair” is the vision of the first blow dry bar in The Netherlands. This is the place where you can blow dry your hair for €30. This venture of Lindsay has been featured in many major media outlets like Het Parool (see below).

Action for Happiness

Asha Lalai

Asha Lalai is the Founding Director of Action for Happiness The Netherlands, a movement of people committed to building a happier and more caring society. “We want to see a fundamentally different way of life — where people care less about what they can get just for themselves and more about the happiness of others.” She is launching this movement on March 20th in the DeLaMar theatre with speakers such as Ap Dijksterhuis and Alain Lagger.

Twentie Four

Erik Loots & Linda Vermaat

Twentie Four is a project that follows 24 entrepreneur in 24 cities for 24 hours. Read more about this project on One World: 2 Filmmakers, 24 ondernemers, 24 steden, 24 uur (en jij kan helpen).

Mink Records

Marieke McKenna

Marieke about her venture: “Mink Records is an independent music label based in Amsterdam, the Hague and Glasgow. Mink stands for complete artistic freedom whilst maintaining solid business acumen. The working attitude is that music is primarily an art form. Besides overseeing artists’ recordings, management and promotion, Mink specialises in all-round creative assistance/guidance of artists and enhancing the musical bonds between the U.K. and the Netherlands.

In addition to the above, Mink is a music blog featuring playlists and music related articles, organising the occasional events and label nights.

Mink Records is inspired by a whole range of musical genres, from classical to jazz, old school hip–hop to soul, from folk to indie, from world music to psychedelic rock and house to trip hop… great music isn’t genre bound, so Mink Records isn’t either.

Genuine intentions with a driving force motivated by the vision of having good music heard.”

Marieke McKenna

Project CrossOver

Bernold Nieuwesteeg & Martijn Schreuder Goedheijt

Bernold & Martijn: “We believe that cooperation and knowledge sharing between companies results in the best preparation for the labour market of the future. Therefore, we organize Project CrossOver, a series of cross sectoral projects executed by young professionals of Dutch utility companies.”

Get a Crowd

Daan Snijders

Get a Crowd is a crowdfunding consulting firm. They have already realised a successful crowdfunding campaign by raising EUR 30.000 for sheep herders.


Eleni Karathanasi

Eleni about Meraki: “I am in the process of setting up a retreat-like concept in Greece. The concept is a place where we live in simplicity, connectedness and timelessness. A place where you can experience life in its purest and most vital form. A place where you can live life as life always has been intended to be lived. A place where you get a helping hand to get back in your natural flow.

Experiencing the simplicity of living, in comfort and tranquillity.

Connecting with yourself, others and nature. Making the connecting with your natural flow. We’ll offer the inspiration and pointers to assist in the (re)discovery of who you really are.

Introducing timelessness. Experiencing living by the other word for “time” as used in Ancient Greece. KAIROS — meaning the right moment, the supreme moment, indeterminate time in which everything happens. CHRONOS is the one we already know referring to sequential time, a minute / a hour / a year. While Chronos is quantitative, Kairos is qualitative, permanent nature — also called: the Now.

Current status of the project: searching for the right location in Greece”


Thom van Wijk

Thom about StartHub: “StartHub offers serious startups a synergetic working place in the heart of Amsterdam. Over 70 desks, two rooms, meeting rooms, a large flextable, showers and roof terrace next to the Vondelpark. Interested? Send us an e-mail at Ps. we also open our doors for businesses and teams looking for inspirational meeting or lecture spaces.”

Want to get to know Thom better? Listen to this interview at BNR: Een eigen startup.

DE BEER Events & Fairs

Karlijn de Beer

Since January 2015, Karlijn wants to share her passion for the organization of events, congresses & fairs, as her own boss. Read more about her vision below:

All in all, Tom and I are very excited to closely watch how these ventures are developing and we hope to keep in touch during your adventures.


P.S. Want to participate during the 5th edition of Start Your Business on a Boat on April 2 -3. Send me an email @