A Teacher’s View on a Geeky “EdTech” Conference
Donnie Dicus

Hi Donnie,

I’m so sorry we missed you at ASU/GSV. I am working with a new LMS, Otus, which is designed by a 7th grade social stucies teacher. He was not able to attend the conference because the conference was mid-week and he had to be at school with his students.

Otus is a social enterprise and our mission is to level the playing field in education by making technology available to everyone. That’s why Otus’ robust LMS is free for teachers, students and parents. Otus includes all the tools you need in one secure place, with one login, and teachers can use it with any content they teach. Assessments, organizing and distributing resources, polling, blog, classroom management, behaviour tracking, and much more is included. Teachers can also access all their data in clean, concise reports so they view individual student progress or any category of students they have designated.

You can get free iPad apps for students and teachers, or create a free account on the website by visiting www.otusplus.com. There are short tutorials on the website if you need help getting set up. And if you have questions, contact our teacher creator, chull@otusplus.com. All of the features in Otus will remain free for students and teachers — no ads, not in app sales, etc. Free usually doesn’t require board approval. Otus is a signer of the Student Privacy Pledge.

Otus launched this school year and has over 80,000 users. You can also read dozens of reviews on our website too. I hope this info helps. Just wanted you to know you’re not alone. Teachers just like you are creating learner-centered edtech solutions.