Benefits and advantages of Data Cleansing Techniques

Jaspreet Singh
Apr 6, 2017 · 2 min read

Data cleansing is the process of recognizing mistaken or unethical data from a database. The process is mainly used in databases where improper, unfinished, inaccurate or irrelevant part of the data is identified and then altered, replaced or deleted. Business enterprises largely depend on data whether it is the honesty of customers’ addresses or ensuring accurate invoices are emailed or posted to the recipients. To ensure that the customer data is used in the most productive and meaningful manner that can increase the fundamental value of the brand, business enterprises must give importance to data quality.

Managing and ensuring that the data is clean can provide substantial growth to the business. Business enterprises can face lots of hassles such as high cost involved in processing errors, manual trouble shooting, incorrect invoice data and shipments to wrong address. The information of the customer is forever changing due to relocation or other factors which have to be changed and the updated information must reflect in the database. Business enterprises can achieve a wide range of benefits by cleansing data which can lead to lowering operational costs and maximizing profits.

Here are the advantages of data cleansing:

1. Improves the Efficiency of Customer Acquisition Activities:

Business enterprises can significantly boost their customer acquisition efforts by cleaning their data as a more efficient prospects list having accurate data can be created. Throughout the marketing process, business enterprises must ensure that the data is clean, up-to-date and accurate by regularly following data quality routines. Multi-channel customer data can also be managed seamlessly which provides the enterprise with an opportunity to carry out successful marketing campaigns in the future as they would be aware of the methods to effectively reach out to their target audience.

2. Improves Decision Making Process:

The keystone of effective decision making in a business enterprise is customer data. Precise information and data quality are essential to decision making. Data cleansing can support better analytics as well as all-round business intelligence which can facilitate better decision making and execution. In the end, having accurate data can help business enterprises make better decisions which will contribute to the success of the business in the long run.

3. Streamlines Business Practices:

Data cleansing along with the right analytics can also help the enterprise to identify an opportunity to launch a new product or service in the market which the consumers might like, or it can highlight various marketing avenues that the enterprises can try. For example, if a marketing campaign is unsuccessful, the business enterprise can look at various other marketing channels that have the best customer response data and implement them.

4. Increases Productivity:

Having a clean and properly maintained database can help business enterprises to ensure that the employees are making the best use of their work hours. It can also prevent the staff of from contacting customers with outdated information or create invalid vendor files in the system by helping them to work with clean records thereby maximizing the staff’s efficiency and productivity.