Reason to love MoMo’s

I live in “Dharamshala” and if you ever been to Dharamshala you will know why I am talking about Momos.I am in love with Momos from my childhood.Although I don’t need a reason to eat momo’s but still there are few which I like to mention:

They are affordable

From my childhood, i use to eat momo’s from my pocket money and they are affordable to me.You can have a nice hot steaming momo plate which is easy on your pocket.

It kills your hunger

One plate momo is good enough to kill hunger.

Every season dish

You can eat mom’s any time of the year seasons don’t matter if you want to have momos.

Innovation always surprise you

People keep on experimenting and there are many varieties of momos from steam to fried to baked to tandoori veg. non-veg no matter what you have you will enjoy that’s for sure.These are just few reasons you can share your reason in comments and “Yes keep Calm And Eat Momos “

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