Are you new c# programmer?Don’t worry..It’s all about practice.

Now i tell my story..I am student of Software department.When i doing code on c# this time it’s very difficult for me.Cause i don’t know what is programming.How do it’s work?Why people learning programming.When i start my University then i heard something about programming and i interest about programming.Some days later i start my programming with basic C programming language.I see it’s very interesting and learn lot of thins about C programming language.I practice regularly.When you want to be a programmer this time practice is very important.You must be practice regularly at least 3–4 hours in a day.Then you feel something change in yourself.This time you start to believe you can write programming.It’s confident you. Exactly this top events happen with me.Then i grow up little bit.I start C# programming language.Now i continue learning C# everyday.It’s huge library collection language.But it gives me a fun and i love write C# programming.C# has a lot of interesting thing.If you love C# and you have passion about programmer then you start learning C# now.If you love watching tutorial in YouTube then you start learning C# in YouTube.Also practice code in your compiler i mean Visual Studio.And also searching Google.Cause Google is your best friend.When you face problem you search Google and solve your problem.Do you want to a best programmer Google searching is very important.Google has many website where you lot of example about C# and practice it and understand.

Practice makes a man perfect.

So,there is nothing to fear.Just enjoy it and more more more practice.One day you becomes a great C# programmer.