Why Herbal Medicien Fuyan Pill Become So Popular Among Women?

The invention certificate of the Fuyan pill has been established by the senior Miss Li Xiaoping in Wuhan Dr. Lee TCM Clinic after several decades of clinical practice and empirical researches of drug use, which was awarded by the state through the authorized scrutiny of the drug use check. The authenticity related to this certificate can also be inquired about online with the patent number: ZL20111003196.8.

The very application of the invention certificate of Fuyan Pill was made in deliberate consideration of the practical and individual interests of the patients as well as the drug use security involved. The appearance of this kind of patented medicine can not only provide an additional alternative for the patients in terms of various drugs, but also ensure a more stable treatment for the patients. What is more, the medicine is also endowed with other features that other medicines do not have, which can provide more and more examples and assistance as for the treatment for several puzzling diseases.

In the meantime, in terms of the drug safety, the patented medicine has been authorized by state approval, which can be distinguished from other herbal medicines or ancient prescriptions in terms of security and lack of standardization. And this kind of medicine can be safer and insured compared with other medicines in the treatment for the patients.

The awarding of the invention certificate of the Fuyan Pill has had a positive impact on the protection of the intellectual property right and the utilization of new-found medicines. It is really advisable to make this kind of innovation and people-oriented patents derive from people and thus benefit people. In this way more and more folk people can acquire considerable benefit from the relevant treatment.

This invention has been scrutinized in accordance with the patent law of the People’s Republic of China and awarded this invention certificate which will be registered on the patent registration book. The patent right takes effect since the day of authorization.

The time period valid is twenty years. The patent agent responsible should hand in annual fee in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, usually before January 30 in each year. Otherwise the patent will expire if the annual fee is not turned in on time.

The patent information will include the condition of the law when the patent right was registered. The transfer, change, expiry, and invalidity of the patent of the patent right will be recorded on the relevant registration book for reference.

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