The short, short version.

I won’t bore you with an intro. You’re here to build an AR app. Let’s get started.

What You’ll Need

1) Install and Run Vuforia Studio

While Vuforia Studio is installed on your computer, and the files for your projects are stored on your computer, the application/editor runs in your browser. This…

So, as we all are aware, Amazon is currently running a nationwide “beauty contest” (Tim Cook’s words) in order to find a home for it’s second headquarters in North America — “HQ2”. We’ve seen all kinds of ways cities are throwing themselves at Amazon to play host to the 8 million square feet and 50,000 jobs that are being promised to be brought to their area — from billions in tax breaks, to office designs that span boroughs.

I know, I know — last year I wrote why Detroit should have been Amazon’s pick for their second headquarters. …

This guide is for developing for the Oculus Go, on Windows with Unity 2018.1. It is current as of June 21st, 2018.

This week my company held it’s first ever internal hackathon. As soon as I heard about it, I signed up and knew exactly what I wanted to build — a VR experience for my shiny new Oculus Go. Long story short, building for the Go wasn’t as straightforward as I had hoped, but by the end of the 24 hours I had gotten it figured out and had my app built! …

This morning Amazon announced that they’re looking to open a second headquarter in a major North American city, one that would be an equal to their current HQ in Seattle. Within hours, many cities, like Chicago, quickly voiced their opinion as to why they should be by home to HQ2.

Having lived nearly a third of my life in the Mitten State, I firmly believe that Detroit would make an excellent second (but equal) home to Amazon. Here are five reasons why:

So the Apple Watch is here….now what?

It happened. An Apple product that spawned more rumors than Hillary’s 2016 campaign is actually about to hit shelves. Granted, the Apple Watch (sorry, Watch) arrived with a bit of a “meh” response, but it’s here.

“That’s great,” you’re probably thinking “but isn’t that an Android in your pocket, and on your wrist? Why are you here talking about an Apple product?”

Why yes it is. And how did you know that?

Like the Apple Watch rumors, the current generation of wearable technology has now been around for a couple of years. The…

Jake Steinerman

Head of Community @ Spatial

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