A manifesto for the 21st century

I believe that we are in the midst of a New World (Dis)-Order. That Globalisation and the networked world, are signs of an increasingly inter-dependent global society – operating locally but with effects felt globally.

I believe it is time to end the ‘Old Wars’ of the 20th century. Wars of Nationalism and Organised Religion as well as the Gender Wars, the Sexuality Wars, the Race Wars and the wars of Political Ideology. The pendulum is swinging away from coming to know ourselves through knowing what we are not; and toward coming to know ourselves by seeing ourselves in the Other – “We’re not so different after all!”

I believe that what served us through the 20th century – a century of growth and human achievement as well as atrocity and suffering is no longer enough. Things are no longer simple or complicated but inextricably complex – and we can no longer rely on understanding our world through only our conscious mind. We must embrace our unconscious. connections to the Universe. We must learn to listen to the world as much with our heart and our gut as with our mind.

As we leave the dawn of the 21st century, we humans must be increasingly skilled at discerning our role as global citizens – with a preparedness to connect to the context in which we operate and move forward confidently into a place in which our pre-conceived knowledge of the world is proven to be not enough. We will move beyond “knowing” – to a place of not yet knowing – to a place of learning.