4 Steps To Unraveling The All Elusive Promo Code for Online Shopping Offers from a Bank

Recently while shopping (which I do a lot of) on a slightly slow Saturday by comparison, I was searching for a promo code to use with one of my many credit cards to get a whopping 40% discount on the shopping cart amount before taxes but to my dismay and bewilderment, I found that none of the publicized offers seemed to be working , at least they didn't for me.

Dismayed, sad and heartbroken on that last pair of that amazing brand that I love so much being snatched from under my nose, well quite honestly from my cart, was obviously infuriating given how much I love my shopping and that brand and that site, so basically in short: I wanted that pair of shoes and I wanted it at that amazing price which was denied to me by the forces of the (unknown) offer.

Yes, Yes: I was pound (read that as Indian rupee) foolish and yes, I could have just hurried up and even opted for COD (Cash on Delivery) but no way, that’s against my ethical principles no? So while that shoe shows as “Out of stock” and my heart weeps for what could have been, I decided to unravel the mystery of the promo code offered by banks. Something good must absolutely come from this harakiri of a shopping Saturday been wasted, so good folks here is the secret (you can thank me with shopping vouchers and some promo codes that you can share via DM on Twitter @jasuja, TIA- Thanks in advance , what else)………………….

So I believe this is how these codes work (after calls to customer care of multiple banks), my favorite e-tailer and yes also to my shrink since the loss of that pair of shoes does require prescription medicine (I am kidding about the last part), I discovered the following

  1. Banks normally send customers information via promotional texts/SMSs about offer details before the offer goes live on the Merchant Site
  2. The promotional material contains details of how to avail the offer and/or any steps involved to avail the offer
  3. There might be multiple steps needed pre-offer for example
  • Completing a qualifying transaction (as is the case with HDFC below)
  • Opting In for an offer perhaps by clicking on a link
  • Registering for an offer to receive a promo code by email/text
  • Others

4. Once you complete the pre-offer steps, you see the list of merchants with whom the bank has tied up and lo behold that amazing promo code you so wanted.

Please note: Each Bank has a completely different UX and there may not be uniformity in how the user is expected to navigate to promotional offers. A particular bank lists all its offers for display even for non-registered users while some will list them only when you have provided valid credentials for net banking. But broadly speaking this is how they work and hence I take a case in point purely for illustration purposes.

Objective: To get that (all elusive) promo code for shopping on my favorite e-atiler and get that second best pair of shoes that are still in stock (how I love my luck)

Step 1: Click on the e-mailer you receive in your email (in case you are subscribed to receiving promotional emails from the bank) and read the details

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and click on (you guessed it right) “Click Here”

Step 3: Read the steps carefully to understand the steps of how to avail these offers

Step 4: Complete one successful Netbanking transaction. You will see the following page with links to each offer,instructions on how to avail the offer, terms and conditions and yes the promo code that you must provide before making the payment on the merchant side.

You can try doing this yourself if you are an HDFC customer and looking for their offers on Printvenue, Jabong, Lenskart, Faasos, Big Basket, Abof, YepMe.

Some pro tips since I still have your attention

  1. Always remember to read the offer details and category of items included in the offer — for example, in my case, shoes are excluded (cries) from the offer
  2. Always click on only bank emails, if something looks suspicious report it to your bank
  3. If you do not understand the offer, call your bank and ask them to explain how to avail then call the merchant (if you must)
  4. If you absolutely must have that pair of shoes, kindly do steps 1–3 beforehand instead of when the item is in short supply and only one yes ONE is left in stock

And if you absolutely must know, I shopped for 2 pairs just to feel better about losing 1. So much for saving money using that promo code ( touché and cry)

If this helped you get that favorite thing you wanted and at a great discount with a bank promo code, please let me know what you thought of the post by leaving a comment. You can also tweet to me: @jasuja.

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