An Evangelical Pastor at his first Pride Parade
adam nicholas phillips

I dunno… honestly, this feels like someone apologizing to me that my house is burning down instead of helping put out the fire. I get bristled the wrong way when I see groups of Christians showing up at Pride Day with their “I’m so sorry for what those other people are doing to you” signs instead of directly engaging the people doing those things. When I fianlly can’t take the hate and bile from the majority of Christians and let out one of my… colourful phrases… I occasionally get that bitterly spat whisper of “we’re not ALL like that you know…” but when Ted Cruz, Pat Robertson, [insert pretty much any high profile Christian] says/does something horrific, it’s left to the gay community to stand up to those people. The “Not All Like That” Christains are too busy showing up to pride days and handing out cookies to dirty their hands actually trying to change anything. You want to impress me? Let’s have some pushback from the NOLA Christians to the hate instead of the whispered “we’re not all like that” comments which might feel good but ultiamtely do nothing.

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