Old meets New.

“Point of view” technique is used in my film. The reference is taken from the move Enter the Void (2010)film directed by GASPAR NOE. A key element in the film is slow-moving camerawork, which captures the architecture . The reason behind why i choose this technique is because i want people to focus on the relation between the old and new buildings, as we see in the figure 1.1 though the buildings present the same appearance but the colours, the theme, and the medium is different as compared to the new building in figure 1.2 where we have colourful and beautiful architectures in the buildings, the comparison between the two shows that the cities are changing. Which tell us that the people have started to renew the cities and slowly the old buildings will vanish. The main reason behind using the colours in the video is to make people understand the difference of the two, how the simple brick work has been transformed to paintings and colourful themes.



Noe, Gaspar — Enter the Void (2010)