The Designer that i choose is ANDREAS GURSKY . He is known for his substantial monographs, since 1984 he uses the series of large-format of coloured photographs that depicts wide view scenes of : Entire city space, Never ending horizons, Multi floor buildings, Crowded public spaces. The first photo (figure 1.1) is a regular work which is trying to depict the colours used in the multi floored building which makes it related somewhere to the trees that is the natural beauty. The next photos (figure 1.2) depicts different features like the size, scope, mood it represents many layers of meanings of these never ending horizons. Just like GURSKY’s photographs are allegories that show a man’s role in nature, technology, art and society. I have just tried to give ANDREAS GURSKY’s photographs a little respect as he is the best landscape photographer of his generation. In these photos, I am feeling lonely, but this never ending horizon make me sink into the details of the photo. And this “sinking” quality is relevant to all of the GURSKY’s photographs.



Gursky, Andreas