With Gyllenhall, Reynolds and some equally great yet lesser known actors, “Life” is “Gravity” but with an intensity cranked up to 11. The plot is simple as a crew on the ISS examines Mars rocks where they reanimate frozen bacteria and grow it into a living organism after which disaster ensues. The special effects are flawless and knowing the painstaking extents that “Gravity” and “Inception” went through to creating zero gravity scenes, the making of this film in achieving such an authentic feel is a bit baffling to me at times but I definitely appreciated the authenticity of the final product. What sets “Life” apart from its older sibling “Alien” which most seem to compare it to is that the film is careful to stay grounded in reality without the luxury of futurism as seen in the “Alien” series.

The pace is relentless, the tension engaging and the dread never ending, just the sort of recipe for an engaging space thriller — ★★★☆☆