Today’s students have more stressors with increasingly rigorous academic demands. Combine that with loads of digital screen time, poverty, trauma and/or other real-life challenges, our children are becoming our canaries in the proverbial coal mine. Their songs are heartbreaking: anxiety, depression, anger, suicidal ideation and suicide.
How Four Minutes A Day Is Transforming Schools
Stacy Sims

Today’s youth are looking for answers. I’m a junior high school English teacher and I see it every day. They are wound tight. They get stress from every side and are not taught proper coping mechanisms. Often adults (parents included) tell them, “You don’t have problems. Wait until you become an adult. You’ll find out what real problems are.” While it is true that our adult problems have higher stakes attached, we also do well to practice empathy when it comes to to excruciating load that our youth are bearing. I’m glad to see a school making an effort to improve the mental health of the next generation.

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