Looking For A Dine In Theater in New Jersey? Hopewell Theater might just be the place.

Dinner Theater in Central NJ

Hopewell New Jersey Theater is the theater of the new era that believes in bringing its customers an experience of not only top class drama and cinema but an experience to delve into where they can dine in New Jersey and enjoy the best quality drama.

The luxury dining and the best quality drama make Hopewell Theater an unparalleled experience of dinner theater the Hopewell family deserves.

Hopewell New Jersey Theater offers a robust concession menu with small plate options, delicious baked goods and desserts, along with traditional concession goodies like popcorn, candy, and drinks — a complete dine-in theater experience, right here in Central NJ .

Hopewell New Jersey Theater has something special organically made gluten free vegan based eatery made specially to serve our vegan Hopewell members.

We at the Hopewell pledge to give its family a wholesome experience of dining and cinema packed into one place your very own Dine theater Hopewell.